Bitter Bros. Ltd. was established back in 1945 by Abraham Bitter and his son in law Yehiel Altman.

It is one of the first and leading locksmith and hardware companies in Israel.

The company gained its fame because it believes in professional and courteous services.

The company provides wholesale and retail services.


The founders believed in offering the best quality products.

The company was the first to import brand names like Yale and Eff Eff.

and it's a leading provider of best solutions to any hardware and locks issues.


The company remained a family business with innovative ideas for the last 60 years.

Its products can be found in many institutions such as hospitals, government offices and army bases.

The company does not stop searching for best solutions for new challenges faced by our customers.We are leading in electric lock, magnetic locks and electro mechanical locks. 

Because we know that our Customers are our most important asset.


Our new website was created to provide the best solutions for all your hardware needs. We hope that you will find it helpful.

We will be happy to hear from you.